The Butterfly Wallet weighs only 0.2 ounces. Lighter than a U.S. quarter and made from long-lasting ripstop nylon. The Butterfly Wallet is really different. It weighs less than a U.S. quarter and is just 3mm thick when empty. Try one today - 100% satisfaction guaranteed!A quick and simple game made in a few hours or so. Use the monster to catch the butterfly, cause a few explosions and destroy the floating blocks.

Individual Betta (Fighting Fish) lots will be posted in this section for purchase to enable quick & easy selection of your dream fish. The fish depicted in the picture will be the fish you receive unless otherwise stated. A balance of both in your tank would probably yield the best results, so you have a rich ecosystem and a suitable environment for a betta fish to live. In nature, betta fish have plenty of room to swim and different plants for them to explore so a variety is what is best for the betta and to help them have a long and happy life. Conclusion